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By Lorena Wilder

Nuptial ceremonies might be difficult to plan yourself. Especially, if you are going to have the ceremony in another city or country. Planning yourself may save some money, but if you don't know the secrets budget and style tricks of destination wedding photographers then you might end up spending more than planned.

When planning a the budget for the ceremony, usually ten percent is set aside for pictures. Good photographers might be expensive. Whoever you hire make sure that their equipment can produce pictures with resolution appropriate for your needs. Some people may get their photos on a disc so that they can manipulate or enhance them through the use of special software.

Deciding where you are going to get the photographer from also plays into the budget. If you hire someone near to the event, they may cost less than having someone drive or fly from another location. Photographer's fees may also vary. Some charge for service only, while others charge both service and printing the photos. Some who charge for both, service and prints, will have relatively cheap service fees while prints will be expensive. Most who only charge for service may give you all the photos taken on a disc so that you can print only the ones you like.

Style is the second thing to be considered. There are 3 styles of wedding photographs. Photojournalist style is a candid natural record of the event. Traditional style is where all shots are posed. Portrait journalism is a mixture of both photojournalist and traditional style. The traditional style may require less time overall.

The portfolio of a photographer can revel the style. You may have to ask about the percentage of shots taken to shots bought or good shots. You might want to ask about the ratio of shots taken to that of sold or printed pictures. A low ratio of shots taken to good print worthy shots could be okay with you, but someone else might expect it to be higher. If the ratio is extremely low, you may want to find someone else to photograph the event.

Wedding pictures are a visual memory. To some pictures are everything. Utilizing the enclosed secrets might make hiring destination wedding photographers cheaper. Read more about: Destination Wedding Photographers

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