Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hip-hop Jewelry and Today's Stars

By Agus Rahman

Watch any of the major movie, television, and music award exhibits on television today and one of the initial things you�ll notice about the celebrities on the red carpet, aside from their extravagant (and sometimes outlandish) clothing, are the amount and size of the jewelry they are wearing. Hip-hop jewelry, more usually known as bling-bling, is definitely not understated style. The larger and the flashier it is, the better. Preferred by several of today�s celebrities, hip-hop jewellery adorns the fingers, necks, arms, even the teeth of a lot of stars.

Oversized studs and chains are the trademarks of hip-hop jewelry and are preferred by celebrities such as Sean Combs, or P. Diddy. At the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, he sported a diamond ring, bracelet, and watch from Jacob and Company. Rapper 50 Cent is one other celebrity who is hardly ever seen without his hip-hop jewelry. On his web site, 50 Cent offers more cost-effective, however just as flashy, bling-bling for those of us who do not earn the megabucks that he and his fellow celebrities rake in. There are as well several other web sites that offer low-priced hip-hop jewelry inspired by popular rap artists.

Hip-hop jewellery comes in most shapes and sizes, all of them meant to catch the eye and attract attention. Heavy chains of silver or gold (or both) can oftentimes be seen on celebrities such as LL Cool J and Ja Rule in their music videos. Hip-hop jewellery websites offer fully �iced-out� bling-bling, or watches, rings, bracelets and earrings that are heavily decorated with genuine or faux diamonds. So-called �spinner� watches and rings are huge best sellers in the hip-hop jewellery category. As well available are customized, removable gold, silver and platinum teeth which can be studded with jewels and gemstones, therefore even the pearly whites may have their share of hip-hop jewellery.

Girls celebrities are keeping tempo with their male counterparts when it arrives to putting on hip-hop jewelry. Stars such as Beyonce, Lil� Kim, Ashanti and Missy Elliott are regularly seen in pictures putting on big diamond jewelry items of various colors. Even young female celebrities are bringing on the bling-bling bandwagon. Teen stars like Jo Jo and Hilary Duff are said to be avid hip-hop jewelry enthusiasts and count themselves amid massive number of bejeweled stars today.

Large, ostentatious pieces of jewellery did not start becoming famous just because of the hip-hop cultural phenomenon (think Elvis Presley and Tom Jones), but hip-hop has altered the jewelry market in a big way. Fans see what their favorite celebrities are putting on, and there are quite a few choices for them to emulate their idols � at least in terms of model. Jewellery has always been a component of funky culture, and today�s hip-hop jewelry plus the celebrities who wear them are even more for that reason in this age of instant information.

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