Saturday, October 29, 2011

Methods to cover headbands using ribbon

By Jeremy King

Masking your plain, outdated, or not trendy headbands with pretty colored ribbon is a good way not solely to personalize however to increase the lifetime of your favourite go-to hair accessory. In just a matter of minutes you can simply create an entire wardrobe of distinctive and certainly one of a form ribbon lined headbands to coordinate with each and every one in every of your outfits.

To make a cover for your headband you will have ribbon that's slightly wider than the band itself. The ribbon can even must be long sufficient to permit you to lower two items that are slightly longer than the length of the headscarf being covered.

If the ribbon of choice is not lengthy sufficient to cut two items for overlaying the scarf you should utilize a different ribbon for the second piece. This will really make a reversible headband cover. You too can add on buttons, rickrack, or create designs within the ribbon with fabric paint or markers.

If making ribbon lined headband in a rush to go with a particular outfit you might at all times just glue the ribbon onto your headband, but should you aren't pressed for time it really would be better to sew strips of ribbon together lengthwise in order to have the ability to slide the ribbon cover over the headband. This fashion you can also make a number of interchangeable ribbon covers which would give you an unlimited variety of choices to choose from in your new hair wardrobe.

To make the ribbon cover, measure the size of the headband, then lower pieces of ribbon which can be each a couple of quarter of an inch longer than the headband. You have to to show the lower edges under to the unsuitable facet of the ribbon and make a pin hem at either end of each strip to stop fraying. Alternatively you may lower the ribbon with pinking shears, use a fray prevention product or dab on a bit of material glue to keep the ends from fraying.

Next, pin the two items of ribbon along with mistaken sides dealing with and sew down the size of each outer edges. You need to have a protracted ribbon sleeve that may simply slide onto and off of your headband. You can depart the ribbon cover plain or embellish it with beads, buttons, studs, embroidery, fabric paint, glitter, flowers, cloth markers or anything you'll be able to suppose of.

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