Sunday, October 30, 2011

on Jewelry: The Pride of Royalty

By Agus Rahman

"I'll show you who's boss! " is what the sight of lion jewelry says -- no, roars! In a crowded place, the people most likely to shine out and be the lives of the party might well be putting on lion jewelry. These people are take-charge, charismatic and naturally the stars of the show -- much like the lion in their accessories.

This is due to the fact people who choose lion jewelry are usually strong-willed and proud types. They are also quite commonly leaders, therefore don't be surprised if your high-powered corporate boss happens to be sporting a solid-gold lion's head ring or pendant! People who wear lion jewelry don't just do it for show -- well, all right, maybe mainly for show. But they also send a message out to the world, and that message is "I'm in control! "

The lion motif in jewelry is frequently associated with the Western zodiac sign Leo. As with rabbit jewellery, it might be reasonable to assume that people sporting the lion motif were born below this zodiac sign. The Leo is dominant, spontaneous, creative and extroverted. They are most comfortable in a place of command. Leos are fun and effective communicators. They are gifted with the unique ability to shine out and escort charge in any occasion.

Even in remote, Leos like to be fussed over and given full attention. All eyes on the king! The worst thing you might do to a Leo loved one is to wound his or the woman pride, to belittle his or the woman's achievements.

Leos are idealistic and single-minded -- when they are dedicated to a cause, you will know it! They are good at drawing people into their circles, a whirlwind schedule of alternating charity parties and outreach occurrences are nothing to them. They are adventurous, however they are by no means sloppy. Leos are known to suddenly plan getaways like backpacking across Western world -- and they will accomplish it, even on a surprisingly small budget!

Add an extra sparkle towards your Leo's eye lids with a surprise reward of lion jewelry. Or treat yourself to a few alternative bracelets and rings, and feed the lion within!

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