Friday, November 25, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress Horror Stories

By John Jones

Brides want their wedding parties to look beautiful, yet somehow this can still translate into truly hideous bridesmaid dresses. We have all seen them - the bright orange dresses in the shiny fabric with the puffy sleeves and giant bows on the back, the turquoise dresses in the stretch shimmer material that clung in all the wrong places - fashion disasters! Check out what can turn wedding party attire into a bridesmaid dress horror story, and learn how to avoid making the same mistakes for your wedding.

Indian brides enjoy most of the attention. As the dresses and the whole attire of the Indian bride is majestic and it is generally said that the Indian bride looks totally different on her wedding day. The glow and the shine the bride has on her face add to her beauty and she certainly looks out of this world. The jewelry, dress, dupatta, regional add- ons, helps the bride take her auspicious look of Indian bride. The most important part of the Indian bride is her wedding gown. The wedding gown differs according to the religion or the community to which the bride belongs to. In fact, the entire dressing up of the new Indian bride corresponds to her cultural thoughts and family background.

All these dress types are available in different designs and colors, the trend for which keeps on changing. Like before, now red is not the only color which is worn by the brides in India on her wedding day. Many new colors like golden, green, combination of green and red, pink, pink and blue, and many other new color combinations have come up. The brides in India, do not only stick with the old styles of wedding gowns and dresses, the dressing styles, Formal evening dressessaree draping styles, lehnga choli, etc, have been seen changing with the time. More of modernized approach has been adopted by the Indian brides on their wedding way.

Too trendy. You might lean towards cutting edge styles, but it is kind to choose bridesmaid dresses with some hope that they might be able to be worn again in the future. Classic styles like A-line strapless dresses can be versatile for other events, but a very trendy style might have a limited shelf life. Also keep in mind that not all of your friends will feel comfortable wearing extreme fashion trends, particularly those which are very bare. A better choice might be to select a more classic dress and give them funky bridesmaid jewelry to make it more trendy.

Informal wedding gowns are usually made of man-made fabric, an alternative to the traditional silk. They are also easily available provided you have a good idea of what you want. These informal wedding gowns are created with special care and uniquely created and are available at many wedding boutiques. Women getting married the second time prefer a low-key and inexpensive affair and often opt for informal bridal dresses.

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