Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Common Men's Suits Rule Refresher: Coordinating

By Ilechukwu Magnus

A man's wardrobe may be filled to the brim with the trendy clothing items like men's suits and other apparel, but if the man doesn't have the basic knowledge of combining these items together, his wardrobe is a waste. This is how you can be able to create matching ensembles so to put your wardrobe to a full use. You can be stylish and set yourself apart from the drab and dreary.

Men's Suits- How to coordinate

Coordinating the elements in the wardrobe often presents certain difficulties to men. Here are some basic rules to help you go from drab to styling'.

* Colours- Many men think that by sticking to neutral colors, they are safe from making fashion faux pas. On the other hand, filling your wardrobe with the same colour of apparels is also not the best way to go about accessorizing yourself very well. You can easily 0lay up your looks by adding a bit of colour every now and then. If complicated colours is not your thing, you can start simple. You can start by adding one colour at a time. As a tip of the finger, you will need to select a bold hue that matches your skin tone.

* Patterns- There are various patterns and designs of mens suits and you should calm down to learn how and when to use each of them. Whether herringbone dress short, silk tie or pinstriped, of you know the pattern, you will find it easier to coordinate the elements of your dress properly. This is also a good way to break free from solid colors and take advantage of the light more fitting patterns.

* Prints- In general, there are three basic rules you must understand when it comes to prints.

o The dominant colour on your shirt should always be an accent colour on your tie.

o If in any way your dress shirt and tie have the same chequrerd print, ensure that that of the dress shirt is smaller than the print on the tie. If they are of them size, it won't be enticing to look at.

o When you are not sure of what to do with the print, make sure that one is smaller than the other. You may want to use a tie with a smaller print or a dress shirt with a smaller print even if you are not using a chequered print. This will be more aesthetically pleasing.

* Quality Men's Suits- Shoes- No matter what you are wearing on the top, with the wrong pair o shoes, you will ruin your entire attire. You need to make sure that the shoes you are wearing blends with your mens suits pants. If you are wearing black pants, get black shoes. Brown or black shoes can also work with brown suit pants. Navy pants can be matched with either black or navy shoes. While keeping this in mind, you need to understand that the color of the shoes is not the only factor you have to consider. Take a look at the various types of dress shoes available. You will see oxfords, loafers, monk-strap shoes, dress boots. Each of these can have a unique contribution to how you look.

You will need to calm down and learn how to coordinate the various elements of men's suits before you can put your wardrobe to a beneficial use. In this case, knowledge is style. Timeless Men's Suits

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