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How to Style Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

By John Jones

Do your friends really need one more expensive teal or neon pink bridesmaid dress crammed into the back of their closets? If you really want to make your bridesmaids love you, consider choosing dresses in a neutral tone that will be more versatile after your wedding. Don't worry that "neutral" means boring - you can style bridesmaid dresses in understated hues in unique ways to give them a fabulous look for your wedding day.

Shades of gray have been surprisingly popular for bridesmaids in the last few seasons. While colors like deep charcoal or slate gray do not exactly scream festive, they have become beloved for their sophistication and elegance. Your friends will like gray dresses specifically because they are not traditional bridesmaid colors. Take a charcoal dress from drab to fab by adding intense pops of color in the flowers and accessories. For a summer soiree, bright colors like canary yellow look marvelous as a contrast to a deep gray hue. Pin a yellow organza blossom to the waist of a long charcoal gray gown to give it a quirky style. Yellow blossoms such as orchids, billy balls, or classic roses will stand out beautifully against a neutral dress. If you are having a winter wedding, substitute an eggplant purple for the yellow accents. Imagine fabulous purple suede dressy shoes with a gray dress - gorgeous!

Another excellent neutral color for bridesmaid dresses is navy blue. It is an ideal choice for a wedding with a classic sensibility, and will definitely be easy to wear again down the road. A knee length navy dress can even be paired with a jacket and worn to an office, so it is highly practical. To give this classic color a festive appeal, start with elegant pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets. Then bring in pops of color to liven up the navy dresses. Red, lime green, and pink are the best choices for accent shades. A red belt and red espadrilles would be darling for a nautical wedding. Or add pink cashmere cardigans to navy frocks for a sweet look. Lime green with navy looks fresh and summery. It could be added in the form of a patterned sash to strapless navyFormal evening dresses faille dresses, or you could add bold lime green crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets to flowy navy chiffon dresses for a funky summer look.

Some popular styles include gaghra choli, salwar kameez and saris. The sari, which is very common is a long fabric worn over a blouse or skirt wrapped around the body. Some styles are simple while others are tucked, punned or pleated elaborately. Ghaghra choli is a long shirt worn on a short blouse known as a choli exposing part of the bride's stomach though it can be covered with a dupatta. The gown chosen by the bride entirely depends on the culture of the place the bride originates. Indian nuptial dresses are one of the most popular choices for the ceremony. They are exotic and attractive without being difficult to wear or extremely expensive.

A final neutral shade to think about is ivory. In the wake of the Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress at the royal wedding, we are sure to see more brides going with ivory dresses for their attendants. Keep the look very light and ethereal by styling ivory gowns with bouquets in the palest shades of pink and peach. Champagne colored silk sandals will look less bridal than matching ivory shoes. Simple pearl and crystal bridesmaid jewelry will be the perfect understated finishing touch. Now you know - a neutral color can make a very grand statement.

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