Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Learn Garment T-shirt Printing

By Mike Cough

Considered to be the best in the field of t-shirt printing is the DTG or the Direct to Garment that utilizes a large format inkjet printer compared to the screen printing which used inks in fabrics through a stencil. This is a type of process wherein this is more ecologically friendly, you will no longer wait for a long time to have it finished and then the price is very cheap.

DTG is more eco-friendly t-shirt printing compared to the screen printing. The DTG process is using an ink which is a water based type thus helping in saving inks because there aren't wasted only on the head cleaning but you should also think that in head cleaning no tools are involve externally only the ink. The head cleaning can be not done if regular maintenance is observed by the printer since a head clean everyday is enough. Environment will not be at risk if ever you will make us of the DTG approach in t-shirt printing and if the ink is thrown appropriately. The screen printing has a lot of wasted ink that can be seen on the stencil which is not printed into the t-shirt and that if you will clean this, the ink will also be washed out.

The screen printing technique includes the use of a stencil wherein inks are pressed into the fabric. This stencil can be created by hand or photo emulsion, and in every color of the design another screen is required. DTG technique is using software and a computer to bring the design into the printer and this happens within second only. On clothing that is darker, there has to be a white layer that is printed first before the remaining colors. The process of the DTG is very short that is why this is very necessary to print small runs of t-shirts.

In DTG, small runs of t-shirts are cheaper than that of the screen printing. Little set up with DTG printing means that shirt as low as 1 can be produced in $5-$10 in materials used and 2 minutes on white printing. The screen printers may say that they can be cheaper but considering the time needed and numerous colors, this seems to be not possible.

In direct to garment printing, this is considered to be the greatest than screen printing. Even though these two methods provide a great quality of printing, DTG is more environmentally friendly, less time is needed and that is very cheaper as well. Even though the screen printing has already proven its capacity but still the DTG is the way to the future.

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