Friday, November 18, 2011

Make This Anniversary Precious: Picking the Five Stone Engagement Ring Surprise

By Zelda Kay

Your engagement ring along with your wedding ring are probably two of the most treasured pieces of jewelry in any collection. They tend to be the items most worn and the items of jewelry most likely to become damaged, simply by being on your hand. Engagement rings often feature one or more diamonds, often expensive diamonds, and are generally set in a precious metal like gold or platinum. The wedding ring is often designed to match the engagement ring - together, the replacement cost can be quite large, especially if you want an identical replacement.

The occasion for buying an anniversary ring depends on the couple's personal choice many husbands buy an anniversary band to celebrate the birth of their first child, others a significant milestone such as five or ten years. Anniversary rings are usually a gift from husband to wife but a growing number of women now buy their husbands rings to mark anniversaries. The rings are usually made from gold or platinum - most couples choose the same material as the wedding and engagement rings are made from so that they match. There are usually small diamonds or coloured stones going all the way around the ring.

Styles of anniversary bands vary from the traditional diamond anniversary ring with stones set across the top half to the full' anniversary ring with stones all the way around the band and the three stone anniversary ring. Traditionally, if the anniversary ring is for the 25th year, couples choose silver, white gold or platinum. Anniversary bands marking the 50th year of a marriage are usually gold, although this may change as younger couples getting married now eventually reach these milestones, since white gold and platinum have recently grown in popularity for engagement and wedding rings. The style of the anniversary ring can complement the wedding and engagement rings or have an entirely different style, depending on personal preference.

If you can find the original documents that came with your engagement ring, they may include details such as style information or number and a way to identify the manufacturer. It can be easier to obtain a replacement if you go to the original maker with details as to style or model number and year of manufacture. If not, you will have to rely on an independent jeweler to remake your ring. For this, they need an appraisal that describes the stones, particularly the diamond, the type of metal used, for example, white gold, and the thickness of the metal. Take a series of photos and keep them stored safely. A video of the ring both on and off the finger can also be of assistance.

Engagement rings often hold huge sentimental value and their loss can cause tremendous grief. While you may not be able to have 'your' ring back, a perfect copy will soon find a home on your hand. A replacement that doesn't look anything like the original will never feel like the original. Having an exact replica will, over time, look and feel like the original. Insuring your engagement ring is a must if it is an item you really treasure - just be sure to buy the right policy. Some home contents policies can include personal jewelry, however, they are not always 'new for old' so check your policy thoroughly. You can often pay extra to have that home and contents policy cover the extra cost of replacing your engagement ring with an identical copy. No one likes to think about losing a precious item like an engagement ring - give yourself peace of mind with the best possible insurance cover.

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