Friday, November 4, 2011

Men's Neckties

By Agus Rahman

In one body or one other men's neckties have been around for centuries. What started out with Chinese warriors and Roman soldiers has through history become the necktie of today. Cravats worn by European gentleman in the 1700's are closely linked to today's ties.

Today's modern neckties are attributed to Jesse Langsdorf who patented the all-weather wrinkle-free tie in 1920. After World War II men began to carry an interest in their style. Ties were being introduced in bold geometric design using silk and rayon fabrics. Ties of this time were worn at up to a five inch width. In the 50's ties started to thin down somewhat and were called Slim-Jim ties by sure, with confident of these being nothing more than bootlaces worn as ties. In the 60's the tie became again wider sometimes seen in widths of 5 or 6 inches and in psychedelic patterns.

Today a gentleman has a large variety of ties to choose from. From novelty ties to custom silk ties. Anything goes as far as novelty neckties, from a hula dancer, to a picture of your pet, from your favorite sports team logo to a Christmas tree. Most of these models of ties are priced amid $20. 00 and $30. 00.

Custom silk neck ties are very popular. There are a lot of companies here in the United States and in Europe who specialize in custom created silk ties. These tie manufacturers use only the finest pure silk fabrics and linings and every and every tie is handmade. Did you know that the lining of the tie can affect it is weight and also the size knot it will make? I didn't, however don't worry. These high end tie manufacturers will suggest the proper lining to be used.

Today there are a lot of designer ties to select from in department and men's clothings stores. Many of today's top men's fashion designers such as Furmagalli, Gucci, Valentino, Arami, and Zegna have silk neck ties in their collections. These ties may run anywhere from $75. 00 to $150. 00. You may find quite a few good deals on these types of ties doing an online search.

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