Monday, November 7, 2011

My First-Ever Conservative Political T-Shirts Party

By Tim Thatcher

I've always heard that there were two things that you should never bring up in a conversation if you want to make, or keep, friends. Those things have to do with religion and with political matters. Well, I've always felt that religion is something that only affects those who elect to be involved in it, but politics is something that affects everyone. That's why I'm as outspoken as I am and am constantly wearing conservative political t-shirts. The constant arguing in public with people I don't know is getting a bit old. I needed a break.

In order to surround myself with fellow right-wing conservatives, I figured I would throw a big party. I was terrified that the libs would see my invitations and storm us like the beach at Normandy. As a lover of my personal collection, I decided on a whim to include in the invites that it was required to wear conservative political t-shirts if you wanted to attend. If liberals wanted to come, we would spot them right away and if the wanted to come incognito, they would have to actually buy a t-shirt to wear...which isn't likely.

I posted the invitations all over the hot spots in town that get a lot of foot traffic. I also made a post on several political forums on the Internet and on to get as many new faces there as I could. When the day came, I started getting nervous. I half expected a small army of left-wingers to come storming the gates and trash everyone they saw in conservative political t-shirts.

All of my anxiety was completely unwarranted, of course. No one showed up to cause any trouble or start a debate. Perhaps liberals have some common sense after all. All that happened was that scores of people in conservative political t-shirts showed up to have a great time and to share their views on the current political environment. We drank, we conversed, and there were absolutely no heated debates. It was a great vacation.

After the conservative political t-shirts party went off so well, I decided that I should probably have one at least every three months. The subsequent party never really had those awesome attendance numbers of that first party, but that's just fine. I had a regular rotation of several people come out at lease every other month. With these new contacts and friendships made, we've been able to do some pretty great things for the conservative movement. It's great how a little idea can blossom into such an effective thing as this.

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