Friday, November 18, 2011

New Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary with Yellow Sapphire Eternity Bands

By Jaclyn Kinsey

It is a wonderful thing to celebrate your marriage year after year. Many people are familiar with the large anniversaries and their names and gifts, however the are gifts associated with anniversaries of all years. Many of the gifts that are associated with these anniversaries seem outdated and perhaps even a little silly. More modern gift ideas have emerged over time, however, to keep these anniversaries updated and fresh.

Celebrating your 7th year of marriage used to be associated with copper and wool. More commonly, today people exchange desk sets or sapphire jewelry, because yellow sapphires are associated with this anniversary as well. A new trend is for women to receive yellow sapphire eternity bands as their anniversary present. A diamond and yellow sapphire eternity band would be a huge hit with your wife or loved one. This gemstone is associated with success for anyone who wears it.

10th anniversaries are incredible milestones for all marriages. Making it this long takes patience and understanding. Tin or aluminum were the materials that were associated with this anniversary, but more commonly the practice is to gift diamond jewelry. Full eternity rings would be a present that she would remember for the rest of her life. This ring can be worn in addition to wedding jewelry, or in place of a wedding ring.

20th wedding anniversaries are celebrated with gifts of fine china. However, platinum gifts have been the new modern go-to for this anniversary. Platinum jewelry of all kinds is an excellent way to show her you care, but with a diamond full eternity ring set in platinum 950. Her ring will remind her of your special wedding day for the rest of her life. This ring can be worn in place of a wedding band or on any hand or finger.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary should be fun and exciting. Make the moment personal by showing her how much you care with a shared setting sapphire eternity ring. She will forever cherish this ring just like the sweet memories of your wedding day.

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