Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Personalized Jewelry is a Fantastic Gift

By Callum Rouse

Believe it or not, personalized jewelry is almost always an appropriate gift. Anyone would be glad to receive a personalized jewelry gift no matter what the occassion. Only a real stick in the mud would decline a personalized piece of beauty. The surge in popularity of personalized jewelry has increased greatly within the last couple of decades.

Then alphabet beads came out which helped people make their own personalized jewelry. It didn't take long before people started figuring out how to put their names and initials on pretty much everything (but especially accessories and jewelry). Many gifts today are name plated jewelry.

The most obvious time to give someone personalized jewelry is on his or her birthday. Thanks to the affordability of personalization, even a casual acquaintance's birthday can be celebrated by buying a piece of jewelry that has been personalized.

There are so many different options available for personalized birthday gifts and jewelry. A name necklace is a common gift on this occasion. Obviously this is harder to do if you are buying the gift for a man. Perhaps a tie pin or some cufflinks that have his name on them would be a good idea. One of the most obvious gift giving occassions is Mother's Day--it's perfect for personalized jewelry.

A personalized necklace or personalized pair of earrings are both great ways to show your wife what a great Mom she is. You might also think about giving her something that has the names of your kids as well as something that has her own name. If you are giving a gift to your own mother, perhaps a bracelet with her name or both of your names engraved in it (or made from alphabet beads) is a great idea.

We all had necklaces like that when we were children-giving one to an old time friend can be an excellent way to reconnect! For him, why not opt for a watch with his name engraved on it. The gift can be as effortless or as extravagant as you want it to be.

Perchance, one of the most wonderful wedding presents you may give to your new spouse could be a piece of personalized jewelry.

When is your best friends baby due? Do you know the name of that baby? Perhaps one of the most sentimental items you can give a new parent is a piece of jewelry that is engraved with his or her baby's name. Lockets are a great example of this as are bracelets and rings. Pendants and pins can be good choices too. Parents are infamous for gifting personalized items for their infants to be given at a much later date. Birp clothes with baby's name or other phrases on them can be a great gift for new parents.

You probably weren't aware that there are so many opportunities to give a person the gift of personalized jewelry. You might not have realized just how often personalized gifts are appropriate! You might have thought that personalized gifts should only be given for very specific occasions.

It's not necessary to overspend on personalized jewelry. It doesn't need to be overly complex in its delivery. Surely, for some gift shoppers, the inexpensiveness is a good reason for choosing to personalize their jewelry in the first place. One the best things about jewelry that has been personalized, is that it makes your duds standout. Jewelry that has your name (literally) on it is a terrific way to set your accessories apart from the stuff your friends wear. Plus, it can be a sensational present!

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