Sunday, November 27, 2011

Planning Your 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

By Jone King

Giving wedding ceremony speeches can be nerve wracking for many. Not only is public speaking one of the top fears of many, but combined with the wedding day being such an important event for those involved creates even more pressure.

Wedding shoes are anything but basic white pumps these days. In fact, one of the hottest trends in bridal footwear is to wear a color other than white. Blue is one of the most popular options, as it makes a great "something blue" for the bride. Tiffany blue is sweet for the bride who wants a subtle hint of color, while a rich cobalt hue is fabulous for fall and winter. Jewel tones in general are on the rise for wedding shoes this fall, so feel free to look at opulent shades of plum, cranberry, and emerald. It would be spectacular to order custom bridal jewelry made with crystals in the same hue. Keep in mind that the fuller your gown, the less of your shoe will show; conversely, if your gown is slender, quite a bit of your footwear will peep out when you walk.

The theme for traditional ten year anniversary gifts is tin or aluminium and whilst this may not sound like the most exciting theme there are some gift options which your partner will probably love. For example, you could opt for an aluminium watch for a man, which is a great gift. Or you could choose a digital camera, which can contain aluminium, which is also a delightful present.

The more modern gift theme is diamond jewellery, which is probably what most women will prefer compared to the traditional option! Of course, when it comes to diamond jewellery the possibilities are endless and you will find some beautiful items from pendants and rings to earrings and bracelets.

If you cannot stretch to diamonds but still want something attractive and that can be treasured the black onyx is a good choice, and this is the gemstone that is linked to the 10th anniversary. You opt for black onyx jewellery, which looks really stylish and will make a wonderful gift.

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