Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sticky Reminders That Make People Smile

By Maverick Label

The Hartman Dental Group is one of the busiest dental practices in the county. Getting new patients and existing patients to make appointments has never been a problem. But the office manager began to realize there was a bit of a challenge in getting them to keep them.

"I forgot!" was a common excuse.

The appointments were always written on a business card with a space for appointments. But the business manager had noticed that people barely glanced at the appointment date or time. They just put it in their pocket. She realized they needed something more noticeable. Something that would really attract the attention of their patients, so that fewer appointments would be forgotten and that everyone would easily be seen by the dentist.

It was frustrating that patients were forgetting appointments. While the business manager would always reschedule, it was hard to accommodate everyone. "We've got to improve this situation," Dr. Hartman said. "We need to be able to see everyone." And the business manager agreed completely.

She noticed that her hair salon had used appointment card stickers on their cards to remind her about her next appointment. The stickers were attractive and fit perfectly on a business card. Calling the salon, she got more information and decided to order some.

It was easy to customize the appointment card stickers. She added The Hartman Dental Group logo, contact information and their colors, medium blue and dark green. The stickers were attractive and stood out easily.

As patients came in for their next appointment, the business manager would attach an appointment card sticker. "Your next appointment is in a month," she would say, pointing out the exact date and time. With the sticker on the business card, the patient had their contact information and their appointment time.

It was amazing. In just a month the dental group noticed a marked difference in kept appointments. There was less "forgetting" dental appointments. The business manager was glad the appointment card stickers worked so well. And the dentists in the dental group were glad everyone was seen for their dental concerns. Now that's something to smile about!

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