Friday, November 11, 2011

Which One Is Your Hen Night Party Fancy Dress?

By Jack Wogan

With the so many options for hen night outfits and accessories, staying indoors for this occasion is not admissible. This special night should be one of the best in your life. This is the time you say goodbye to life as a single woman so you need to do this by partying. It doesn't matter where you go, if you go clubbing or to bars with your best girlfriends. All it matters is that you don't stay in the house playing Monopoly dressed in your large comfy pajamas. These can be worn on all the other nights, but not on this one.

You have to look perfect, sexy and wild. Go with a sexy hairstyle, wild makeup, a fancy dress and the many hen night accessories. Your look has to match the occasion. You need to show you have courage to party like never before. There are many hen night fancy dresses available these days so that any future bride can choose the perfect one for her. The accessories are also a must so that the outfit can be complete. If you just cannot decide what suits you best here are three ideas to give you some help:

1.The sexy cop. There is nothing sexier than the sexy cop. The fancy sexy cop costume can be made of a sexy short skirt, matched with the naughty stockings. You can also go with the hen night party fancy sexy cop dress. Both the skirt and the dress need to be accessorized with high heel shoes and a sexy cop hat. You can also choose a badge or the pink fluffy handcuffs to catch criminals. You are good at it because you have already caught the most dangerous 'criminal' of all times- your future husband.

2.The sexy naughty princess. Not all princesses are shy and wear long dresses. You can be a very sexy princess with your sexy short hen night fancy dress specially designed for the royal in you. The cute Tinkerbell costume, the Sexy Snow White costume, the Fantasy Mermaid dress, the Snow White bustier and short pants and so on, are just a few examples of fancy outfits you can choose for your hen party. Just make sure you accessorize them with lots of hen night accessories and high heel shoes to look even sexier.

3.The Cave Babe vs. the Black Swan. They are both hot but if you hate flying you need to go with the Cave Babe. She wears only animal print clothes and accessories. Besides the Cave Babe fancy dress she wears the fluffy leopard print leg warmers and the armband that shows how tough she is. The sexy Black Swan is gentler than the Cave Babe but she is also very sexy. With the black feather wings and the long black gloves she turns all heads.

The hen night party fancy dresses are perfect to make people notice you. You and your girlfriends will have lots of fun dressed sexy and with good taste.

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