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5 beneficial tips on picking the right Wedding DJ from a Wedding DJ

By Jeff Modjeska

Tip: 1 - Start the process of researching your Wedding DJ as quickly as your are able to.

I can't stress this enoughmost talented and highly recruited wedding DJ's will be scheduled in advance. I find that most Brides and Groom's book their wedding reception location, caterer, flowers, wedding photographer, dress and tuxedo long before they begin to look for the Wedding DJ entertainer.

The longer you wait the less selections you will have and if you wait to long you may finish up settling for the only Wedding DJ which has your marriage reception date available. So give your self plenty of time to meet up with several local DJs in your area.

Tip: 2 - A good way to start your Wedding DJ search is by utilizing the power of Google .

One of the most suggested paths to find the right marriage DJ is by starting your search online using Google. The four most highly targeted keyword key terms that we DJs are competing for are Wedding DJ, Wedding DJs, Wedding Disc and Wedding Disc Jockeys.

I would suggest adding your city first then adding one of the words phrases I advised in the last paragraph. As an example if you lived in Madison Wisconsin and your wedding reception was in Madison you would then type in Madison Wedding DJ in Google's search browser.

The search resultsGoogle gives you will help you find a selection of local Madison Wedding DJ's in your area. For your search results you would need to put in your city name first and then the keyword phrases I furnished earlier.

Remember the very top of your search results are paid search listings. That suggests a DJ is paying to be at the very top of your search results. They are typically the 1st 3 listings on the very top of the page with a high-lighted background. However it certainly does mean the top 3 paid search results are the best DJ's to hire.

Do your research call 1 or 2 DJs then set up appointments to meet up with them to chat about your wedding entertainment ideas. Ask the same inquiries to all the DJs you interview. Take notes in the interview, note to yourself did the DJ just talk about how great he was and how his equipment is better than every other company.

It's ok for a DJ to discuss his DJ equipment or his performance temporarily but if that's all he talks I would be concerned about using that DJ. You're looking for a DJ that is focused on how you foresee the ideal marriage reception and following your details.

Use your intuition would you be comfortable working with this person? If you call this person how responsive are they? Do they call you back or are you chasing them? Check out their websites, watch their videos if they have any. Always ask for references and follow up with them. Google Places and Yelp will have reviews on companies including Wedding DJ companies do some research there too. The reviews on those sites are posted by past customers and not your DJ.

Tip 3 "Before you start looking for wedding vendors finish a budget for your services.

I find this happening a lot We spent to much of are budget on our reception hall, food and the wedding photographer we do not have a much left for the DJ. Sit down together and work out your total budget before you hire and pay for any wedding reception services.

Tip 4 "Budget and plan to spend a reasonable amount on your wedding DJ.

On your special your day your wedding DJ is their to set the scene & ambiance when your guest arrives and keep your guest entertained while your out shooting your wedding photographs. As you arrive at your reception to meet all your special guests your DJ will help you and your wedding party get in order for the Grand March introductions.

Long after the wedding photographer leaves your Wedding DJ will be their keeping the energy level up and entertaining your guest through out the night. A good Wedding DJ is also marriage coordinator moving the dinner hour along getting your food server to brake down any dinner tables on your dance floor, moving the party forward, for example preparing the wedding parties for their special dances.

Playing and programming music sets turning down lights to set the mood to motivate both your young and old guests out to the floor. This can only be achieved by playing the right music at right time not all DJ's have this skill.

I guarantee if you reminise about your last wedding reception you attended you most likely will not remember the food the brides dress but you definitely remember if the DJ was entertaining or just sucked! The old clich'e you get what you pay for is in most cases true when selecting a DJ. In Wisconsin the average rate for Wedding reception DJ will generally vary from $695 - $1295 dependent on the hours of DJ entertainment and the optional entertainment options use decided to add on.

You may also find much more expensive wedding entertainment options as well as less expensive entertainment options. In my honest opinion some where in the middle of the average rates I quoted would be an acceptable price and a very good value for you!

Tip 5 - Don't let your best friend play DJ at your wedding reception

I have seen it many occasions when a bride spent way to much on the other vendor services or just simply ask an acquaintance to head up the music entertainment for the night. By now you need to start to understand a proficient Wedding DJ is more than just a button pusher and truly dictates the success or failure of your wedding reception party.

DJ's are always multi tasking watching the room, making sure the music isn't to loud, taking requests, changing lighting sets to create the mood and atmosphere all while rotating the floor trying to appeal to all of your guest not just a selected few.

Keep in mind thru out the night your DJ only has about 2-3 minutes between each song they play. During that time their primary focus is what type of music can they play next to get you and your guest out on the dance floor as often as possible. A professional DJ does a lot more then just playing music for your guests!

I'm hoping you found these tips beneficial and wish you well in locating the right DJ for your special wedding day day!

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