Sunday, December 4, 2011

Creating Awareness by Use of The Custom T-shirt

By Seomul Evans

The sight of employees adorned in clothes with the company logo is spectacular. Everybody they come across will be interested in the writings on the item of clothing making the customized t-shirt an effective advertisement method for its limitless period of advertising coupled with the low cost involved.

Many companies are not aware of the power of customized t-shirts as an effective tool that they can use to create awareness of the existence of their products. These promotion t-shirts have been in used and are still in use by various companies. The companies using them can decide to include them in a package consisting of customized stationery or caps and give them to their customers or members of staff. Others can restrict their distribution to employees with an aim of making them feel that they are a team and also advertise the company name. Listed below are the advantages of using custom t-shirts as a tool to market a company's products.

Continuous means of advertising.

The fact that once the t-shirt can be worn for a long time makes it a more effective method of advertising. This is because the other means of advertising will always be available for the time that they have been paid for but for t-shirt, there is only the initial cost of acquiring them that is involved. Every time that the t-shirt is worn, it will convey the same message as it did many years ago. These t-shirts which have the company name and logo act as a reference point to the employees about the values that the company stands for and the products being generated for the clients. This clearly shows the longtime value of these t-shirts

Cost Effective; One should not look down upon this medium of advertising because of low cost involved in its implementation. There are other options available to customize like the stationary and the fact that they are cheaper should not be used to replace the custom t-shirt. This is because of the durability of this t-shirt. Any person wearing company branded t-shirts at any given time advertises the products and services offered by the company. This is regardless of the wearer of the t-shirt.

Custom t-shirts are a more effective tool of advertising than any mass media. This is because the use of the custom-shirts provides the customers with tangible benefits unlike the mass media. They act as a gift to the customer for agreeing to create some awareness about the existence of your products. Many people find the t-shirt suitable to wear everywhere and at any time of the day or night. These versatile t-shirts can also be designed with the consumer of the product being advertised in mind. If the consumers of the products are children, the company will customize their t-shirts to have pictures of some of the products like toys and these t-shirts will then be issued to children maybe as a gift hamper to accompany the purchasing of one of its products.

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