Monday, December 12, 2011

Find Out Ten Most Important Things About Equestrian Clothing

By Jack Wogan

Horse riding can be a very demanding sport, in terms of both physical strength and financial means. However, if you start practicing it, you will discover its true beauty and it will be very hard to stop.

Most of the people are preoccupied with the fact that equestrian clothing and style have nothing in common. But this is not the case. If you take into consideration the guidelines that we will provide you with in this article you will be able to reconcile horse riding apparel with fashion tendencies.

Pay attention to the riding boots. Riding boots are the most important piece of the whole equestrian gear. They keep your feet stable by preventing them from slipping through the stirrup. Riding boots can be purchased in a tall or short version. It is good to know that tall riding boots are mainly used by professional riders whereas the short ones are recommended for beginners.

Choose the right riding jacket. Riding jackets are commercialized in three models: hacking jacket, hunting jacket and show jacket. Their role is to protect your body from extreme temperatures, kicks from the horse as well as unexpected falls. They can be very fashionable if chosen with care.

Do not forget the helmet. A horse riding helmet can become a wonderful accessory if you wear it properly. Wear your helmet with an outfit that is in tone with its colour. Remember, in your equestrian pursuits, the helmet is very important since it will diminish the force of the blow if you fall from the horse.

Riding pants are important. Maybe you did not know but the riding pants can make you look fabulous. They are tight, which means that they will put in a favourable light your legs. This type of pants can be found in various forms. Some of them are the jeans, breeches as well as jodhpurs.

Choose wisely. Any person that practices horse riding should know that the equestrian clothing can be divided in two categories: basic and show-related. The basic equipment needs to be used only for daily training whereas the show wardrobe will be prepared only for equestrian events.

The elegance of shirts. Long sleeve shirts are part of the equestrian attire as well. They will make you look great if they highlight your body curves. Wear the shirt buttoned up. It will protect you from the sun and it will permit you to move without restrictions in the saddle.

Check out the fabrics. When it comes to equestrian clothing, fabrics matter a lot. They need to be of high quality in order to give you an enhanced sense of comfort. For example, riding tights should feature knee and seat patches to protect you from any bruises during the riding process. The ideal material for such pants is fleece.

What about riding vests? You can also be trendy in an equestrian style with the help of equestrian vests. Their role is to isolate your body against low temperatures but they can also become a valuable piece of clothing fashionwise. The secret is to pick a colour that helps you stand out.

The importance of riding gloves. Perhaps you did not know but riding gloves can provide you with an amazing sense of elegance. They are a mandatory item if you do not want to get blisters on your hands from the reins' grip.

Do not forget the final touch. The last tip in what concerns a successful equestrian outfit is this: place a discreet accessory where it can be seen. It could be a broach or a tiny tie. You will surely be remarked right away.

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