Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ideal Wedding Favours for Would-be Brides on a Budget

By Ruth Williams

It is usual for the bride and groom to want to give their wedding guests a gift which they can remember the day by. An easy, inexpensive way to do this is by using wedding favour boxes to hold one or two small items for each guest. Wedding favour boxes come in hundreds of shapes, colours, and sizes, and can be personalised in any way that the couple desires. However, the most common quandary is what to put in them.

1. Bubbles are among the most popular wedding favors since they are great fun and require no cleaning up. These can be personalised and you can now choose from a multitude of different pots rather than the simple white bottles - wedding cake designs, clear vials, small champagne bottles or champagne flutes, and many bottle topper designs. They could be coordinated to any type of wedding's theme and colours.

2. Picture frames can be found quickly and cheaply, especially small, favour-sized ones. You can pick out a material to match your wedding party and add a small image of the couple who are getting married.

3. Candle lights can be a beautiful favor. You could use plain votives and add adornments or select decorative, shaped candles for a more festive favor. Take into account that some people are sensitive or allergic to many candle fragrances. To get around this, simply go for scentless candles.

4. Mini manicure sets can be utilised by both male and female guests. They could be found in cases and compacts appropriate for anyone's taste, and they're a good favor that won't be simply put on a shelf.

5. Candies are a classic wedding favour because they can satisfy practically any guest. You can put a cupcake, chocolates, or a petit four decorated to match with the wedding cake neatly into your wedding favour boxes.

6. Favour tins can be purchased for very little cost, plus they can be decorated with the wedding couple's names along with the date, giving a small, lasting memento when the candies or mints inside are gone.

7. Lapel pins promoting a couple's favourite charitable trust can often be obtained cheaply through charitable organizations themselves or for a small monetary gift. This can not only provide your wedding guests with an attractive, thoughtful gift, but it will also contribute to a chosen charitable trust or research foundation.

8. Fortune cookies, in addition to being good to eat, can be fun for your guests. These can be made with pre-printed quotes or a personal message for wedding guests inside and wrapped in your choice of silver or gold foil.

9. A National Lottery Scratch Card is quick to buy and an exciting favour for wedding guests. They encourage conversation and a chance to win something. If you choose this option, keep in mind that they're only really suitable for adults.

10. Don't forget any youngsters who will be going to the wedding. Fun putty or crayons will help to keep the children entertained, busy, and possibly even quiet during events.

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