Thursday, December 29, 2011

Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

By Jeanette Brennan

Invitations to your wedding can be anything from extremely casual and fun to fancy and black-tieInvitations can be basic or they can be all-inclusive with a card for RSVPs, a self-addressed stamped envelope to make the card easy to send back, and a map to the wedding site all included with the invitation. Some are a simple post card that ask invitees to RSVP on a website. Invitations can be simple cards or letters, or they can be gilded with gold-foil lettering and other fancy touches.

You can choose a professional stationery shop, an online printer, a DIY kit, or anything in between. The general etiquette for wedding invitations is to send the Save the Date card at least six months ahead of time, and then to send the invitations about two months before the big day. This gives your guests plenty of time to respond so you'll have an accurate number for the venue, caterers and others.

Invitations for Away-From-Home Weddings

Destination weddings can be trickier than weddings closer to home, since your guests must make arrangements to travel. However, you should send invitations to the people you really want to be there the most.

Your wedding invitation should reflect you and your spouse's interests and personality. For more formal weddings, a simple and elegant invitation may be best. More casual unions are more appropriate for a variety of colors and textures in invitations. Be sure to consider the total cost of mailing your invitations when you order them. Stuffing envelopes and and sending invitations yourself can be fun and a great way to save money.

Your Maui Photographer Can Play a Part

Many couples today have their engagement portraits taken. These pictures can be used in your Save the Date cards and/or in your wedding invitations. In addition to any engagement photos you have taken, your wedding photos will become part of your vivid and beuatiful memories of the day. And don't forget that a special wedding shot makes a great addition to thank-you cards.

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