Sunday, December 4, 2011

Instructions for Making a Ninja Costume

By Judy Phan

A ninja costume can be easily found in any shop but have you ever stop to consider creating one on your own? Making a costume can be a scary thing to do especially if it's your first time and if you're not the artistic type of person in the first place. What you need to know is that creating a costume is not a scary process at all.

There are a lot of other costumes that can be made even without the aid of a sewing machine and all those complicated steps. Thus, one can make a costume on his/her own with or without the needed skills.

How To Create A Ninja Costume

What you need for your ninja costume will depend on specifically what ninja costume design you are going to be following, but for a basic one all you will need is a pair of black pants, ten black shirts, and one black t-shirt.

Now comes the fun part, where you actually make the costume. First what you do is take one of the ten shirts and lay it out on a flat surface. Starting from the bottom of the shirt, you want to start folding horizontally upwards. Keep folding until you have something that looks at least somewhat like a think, large headboard.

Get a hold of the sleeves for the second step and starting from your back, pull them to your front. Have the shirt's middlemost part wrapped around your abdomen. Create a knot with the sleeves from your back once again and put all loose ends into the belt to resemble the item.

Wear one from the ten shirts the normal way and have the shirt's sleeves disappear by folding them up. Make a triangle out of the sleeve's part which can be seen inside out. Hang it over your shoulder. Just make sure that they are not placed tightly. The sleeve's end should be found in your neck.

For the next procedure, take a hold of the shirt's part at the lower portion, pull it upward to your head and just make sure that it would end up on your neck's back. Arms vest can be created by having your arms through the sleeves.

The last steps to your ninja costume making are to create a ninja hood out of another black shirt; another shirt should be placed on the upper portion of your thigh having the collar in the direction of your navel at a certain angle. Get the last shirt and follow the same instructions for your legs, lower and upper arms and you're ready for battle!

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