Monday, December 26, 2011

Learn about the Rewards and Gains Pertaining to the Singer 4423

By Melody Fain

A good sewing machine is one that has been tested over time and that is why the singer 4423 machine is popular all over the world. This is equipment whose manufacturers started operations almost 15 decades ago (approximately 150 years ago). This is a clear indication that they have all it takes to produce a remarkable product based on the expertise acquired throughout this period.

This machine looks like it can easily be broken but this is not the case. The outside beauty is just for aesthetics but the real power is found within this dainty equipment. It's capacity has been amazing for most users in that it can be used to stitch heavy garments as well as lighter ones without strain.

In fact some of the users even thought it could be used for heavy industrial stitching but this is not advisable yet. It can manage home stitching which is heavy but not the industrial, those have a special machine, which of course do not have the user friendly benefits found in this one.

There is the ability to stitch at least 1,100 Stitches every sixty seconds, and the Presser Foot Lift is extra high. There is a top loading drop-in bobbin. There is a Free - Arm for stitching cylindrical clothes like long sleeves, cuffs, trousers, and there is a flat surface for thread delivery.

To most of the users, completing a garment within the specified time is now more of a reality than before, because of the speed with which this machine can move. By stitching about 1,100 stitches each minute, an experienced tailor can easily estimate the time required to complete a garment and inform the owner without any doubt that it shall be ready.

The thread does not just run out because as you sew you can actually see the quantity left in the bobbin and add more. There is also the automated function used to put thread through the needle and users do not have to squint as they struggle to thread a needle.

The only difference is that to a beginner, they would still have to learn a few things as they work, whereas to the skilled and experienced user, working on this machine would simply be fulfilling the desire they have had for a many years.

The above are just a few of the benefits that come with this new equipment and it passes all the queries a tailor or fashion designer may ask before purchasing a sewing machine. The simplicity of this equipment has made it one of the most highly recommended piece of equipment where stitching is concerned, and it is also user friendly for both learners and experienced persons. Therefore anyone who purchases a singer 4423 machine has everything to gain.

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