Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moroccan Lamps And Lanterns Make Unique Talking Pieces

By Seomul Evans

Imagine telling your children stories about exotic Morocco and the Arabian Nights while Moroccan lamps and Moroccan lanterns softly glow. Moroccan home decor can include lush exotic plants and Moroccan home lighting fixtures that have antique metal finish. What Moroccan furniture and accessories are combined with Moroccan lamps and lanterns you will find a room that is filled with mystery and history, it is can be an ideal place to relax and let yourself unwind. Metal Moroccan lamps can include a finish such as rustic copper or a rustic patina look, and the metal work is exquisitely done and handcrafted. These types of Moroccan lamps are perfect in spaces where you do not want to much light and instead want a softer glow.

You can also find Moroccan lamps of Moroccan lanterns that include colored or stained-glass, and these styles will provide light that is colored and intriguingly patterned. The glass used will be colored in deep and intense tones, and these can include bright oranges, dark reds, and deep purples. These Moroccan home decor items have colors that contrast beautifully yet they are also perfectly functional, so you can let your personality and character come through with these Moroccan home lighting fixtures. Whether you're looking for in Moroccan lamps that is warm and traditional or you want one that is vivid and exciting you will have no problem finding the Moroccan home lighting fixtures that you're looking for.

Many Moroccan lamps and lanterns use patterns which are cut into the metal of the lamp or carving and etchings which are created on the glass, or a combination of these two, to create interesting lighting and shadow patterns as the light passes through these materials. You will find exquisite patterns and geometric shapes combined fluently with metal that has had intricate filigree work done for a finished result that is stunning. Moroccan lamps and lanterns will cause the light in the room to dance across the walls and ceiling in a playful manner, adding much to the atmosphere and setting of the room.

When you purchase Moroccan lamps you are making a purchase that will be handed down through generations. These Moroccan home decor items are not just functional lighting fixtures, they are also unique and valued pieces of art. Just like what is seen in Moroccan architecture, Moroccan lamps and lanterns generally have rounded areas and curves not seen it typical lighting fixtures. Wavy lines are apparent in a number of places, And the curves and lines seen are reminiscent of domed ceilings and other features of architecture commonly seen in Morocco.

A common style for Moroccan lamps and lanterns is the star lamp, which features a number of points that emit colorful light and can be hung from the ceiling in groups. One style of table lamp for Moroccan home decor follows the shape of a pyramid but with a unique and interesting twist because this Moroccan lamp has wavy lines instead of a rigid structure. Genie style lamps are another common type of Moroccan lamp used in Moroccan home decor, and these Moroccan home lighting fixtures are some of the most famous and well known.

Moroccan lamps and Moroccan lanterns can make unique focal points for your home, and they are the perfect talking pieces and way to break the ice with a guest. Moroccan home decor can help you create your own little oasis away from the world, one that offers luxury, comfort, and that is stimulating to all of your senses.

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