Monday, December 12, 2011

Pool Lounge Chairs - A Few Reasons To Own Them

By Alex Blaken

When it comes down to it there are really only two different types of pool lounge chairs. Recliners are where people like to relax by the pool getting some time in the sun. For floating around in the pool you would purchase one of the many floating type varieties of pool lounge chairs. For floating around in the pool you can get two distinct varieties of lounge chairs. You can stay dry while floating around above the water or for hot days you can have a lounge chair that keeps you partially submerged while you lazily float around. What type you use depends on the weather and your mood so it's probably best to have all types available to you.

Some people need it to be fairly hot before they like to go for a dip. If you are the type to only go swimming when it's hot you can still make use of your pool lounge chairs by enjoying a good book while you soak up the rays. Not in the mood for a swim? You can still enjoy your pool by floating around above the water. Just make sure no one is around who might enjoy trying to tip you in.

For the person who wants to take a dip but is tired after a full week at work there is the partially submerged floating pool lounge chair. Floating pool chairs work by wrapping canvas or a net for your body over pool noodles or floaties which provide just enough buoyancy to keep you afloat. Keeping cool while conserving your energy has never been so easy.

Considering how much time you may be spending on your pool lounge chairs it's wise to spend a bit of time in choosing one. You have a wide variety of colors, materials and styles to decide from. Many attractive poolside chairs are also designed to be folded up so you can pack them in the car for a day trip.

The shade at various times of the day shifts around the pool as the sun moves. If you are getting pool deck lounge chairs that are going to be permanent fixtures they might be relatively heavy, especially if they are made of hardwood. You still might need to move them around the pool to take advantage of the sunlight or to get out of it so get a chair with wheels.

A portable pool lounge chair also needs to be strong. They also need to fold up into a fairly small package. This is even more important if you are getting one for every family member. Make sure you try folding and unfolding them in the store before purchasing. Some models can be quite tricky. Reviews usually give a good indication of the quality so make sure you give these a good read before deciding.

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