Saturday, December 10, 2011

Purchasing a Roof Rake - Tips and Advice

By Nick Pearce

It is important to clear snow off the roof on a regular basis. This is not a pleasant or easy task but it must be done. Thankfully, roof rakes make this job a lot easier than it would be otherwise. With a good roof rake, one can clear built up snow in a matter of minutes. Roof rakes are not expensive to purchase and can be bought either at a brick or mortar store or over the internet.

A person who is looking for a good deal on a roof rake should purchase it over the internet. Online retail websites often have special deals that one will not find in the average store; furthermore, many online retailers ship purchases free of charge. If the web store is connected with a supermarket or hardware store, then the purchase can be returned or exchanged at a local outlet if need be. The cost of buying a roof rake online varies depending on which model or brand name one want to purchase, but generally speaking one will only need to pay between $25 and $50 for a brand name roof rake.

Before buying a roof rake, one should consider how long the handle would need to be. Long handles of about 25 feet are ideal for two or three story homes; handles of 15 to 20 feet are ideal for the average one story house. Buying a rake with a long handle will naturally ensure that one will be able to reach more snow. However, a rake with a long handle can also be unwieldy and difficult to manage. One should never buy a roof rake with a handle that is longer than necessary.

Suncast roof rakes are a good option. Suncast makes a wide range of roof rakes at an affordable price. One particular Suncast snow rake that gets very good review ratings online is the Suncast SRR2100 24 inch Snow Shovel Roof Rake with 20 foot 3-3/8 inch reach. The Snow Joe 21 foot Roof Rake and Ames 1634500 Snow Roof Rake also get good online review ratings from customers.

When buying a snow rake, one will want to note what materials it is made from and how long the warranty lasts for. A good snow rake will be able to withstand the cold and a fair bit of wear and tear. Aluminum handles are common and as they are lightweight, they make the roof rake easy to use. A non-stick shovel area is also a plus, as this makes the process of clearing snow off the roof much easier than it would be otherwise.

Clearing snow off the roof can be a tedious job. Visit to find out more about know rakes. Choose Garelick Snow Rakes and you will not be disappointed. The cost of a snow rake depends on which brand name is purchased and where it is purchased from. While a snow rake is not overly expensive in itself, one will want to make sure to buy one that is going to last for some time. Anyone who is looking for more information about a Suncast snow rake, Ames snow rake or other snow rake should check out the information provided on this site.

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