Friday, January 27, 2012

The Benefits Of Having A Wedding Checklist

By Bruce Wiley

Is it really important to have a wedding checklist? Any ideas why you need one? Do you think that on the big day, everything you have on your mind will be ready? Perhaps you are thinking about the opportunities of missing something. You're asking for trouble if you don't have a wedding checklist. No matter how good your memory is you'd be very unwise to rely on it for every little detail you have to remember concerning your wedding.

A properly constructed checklist is the very best way you can ensure that all of your wedding plans come to fruition and for such an important day to you, it would be considered a crying shame if it was spoiled simply because you failed to plan properly in the first place.

Creating a wedding checklist tailored to your specific needs and desires will certainly help to relieve the inevitable stress, particularly as the special day gets closer. Having a well thought out wedding checklist will ensure that you don't forget anything and will enable you to relax, safe in this knowledge, and enjoy the day itself.

There are some things you need to make sure are included in your check list such as setting the wedding date and time, reserving the date with a florist, photographer and DJ; reserving the church and reception location. These are the first things that should be done in the planning stages six to twelve months before the wedding day itself.

For your checklist, other important things would include planning a budget, choosing the wedding party, and ordering the invitations. Don't forget that you also need to make arrangements for a wedding dress, hairdressing and makeup. Then there's the fact that you also need to arrange for co-coordinated clothing for your wedding attendants and, of course, you need to arrange the all-important wedding rings with a jeweler.

It is necessary that all of the above major things should be arranged as early as possible so that you have plenty of time for the small details later.

Having some reminders is helpful. Making sure that you put reminders on your list for closer to the date is essential. Ordering your wedding flowers, the wedding cake, addressing and sending invitations, a final fitting for the wedding dress and groom's outfit and placing a wedding announcement in the local press etc. are examples of such reminders.

Don't forget that before your big day, about a month or six weeks before, you should go over your wedding checklist to make absolutely sure you haven't forgotten anything. Of course, there are a lot more things than those listed above that you will need to put on your specific wedding planning checklist that are personal to your wedding but the above will help give you an idea of the things that need to be included.

Being well-organized with your checklist will help you having plenty of time to complete each task. Having this checklist would mean that your wedding will be as what you have dreamed.

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