Sunday, January 1, 2012

Buying Guys Timex Designer watches

By Tamela Troiani

We all know the value of time. Our lives work according to the hours, minutes and seconds. In this era of quick running lives, clocks and watches play a major role! If there were not any timepieces, our lives might have been in wreck. You can find lots of brands around the globe which offer premium quality timepieces. From all these brand names, Timex watches are one of the market leaders.

The Timex watches are the living proof of more than 150 years of excellence. The very first watches were manufactured around 1854 in north eastern US by Waterbury Clock Company. About 100 years later, the Timex brand name became a mass market product, according to its idea of inexpensive and durable mechanical watches. Also, it was the very first Disney licensing deal in 1932, when it sold more than one million Mickey Mouse watches. In 2001, it was voted as the quantity 1 brand name and most loved brand in the US by Fairchild and remained till nowadays on of the worldwide leading brands.

Timex watches offer a Classic line for simpler appear and style that can go with any personality or occasion. They've much more traditional touch with straightforward features. These Classic wrist-watches are perfect for users searching for durability and reliability while buying a watch. They're always considered as in fashion because of their sophisticated classy look. Some modern functions with classic designs come under an additional Timex Watch line recognized as the Turn N Pull Alarm line. So for somebody who likes that old fashion Analogue watch can still have the benefit from the various modern functions like a watch alarm.

Another magnificent offer from Timex are the fabulous watches that are designed for women taking into account the real women. These watches are generally small, thin and they fit comfortably hence making them ideal for the work atmosphere as well as for the home. As a matter of fact, they are a highly sought timepiece for the women folk as they come in a variety of designs as well as price ranges. They are also equipped with stainless steel dials that are of high quality and durable straps among other features.

You will find just a few Timex watches that make amazing presents, every providing unique qualities which are desirable to a wide range of people. Nevertheless always keep in mind that Timex offers many other lines and models of quality watches, each offering various functions. Watches are a timeless and classic gift that shows an excellent deal of affection and love to people all over the world. When shopping for a watch as a gift Timex watches provide value, high quality, and distinctive functions to fit all kinds of individuals and interests and is known for being innovative, high performing, and iconic. What better gift to give to your honey?

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