Thursday, January 26, 2012

Classic White Diamond and Contemporary Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Rings

By Barbara Goodman

The fifth and tenth wedding anniversaries are some of the most meaningful milestone years, and are definitely ranked high in importance (along with the first year) among early anniversaries. When seeking the right gift to set the tone and express your affection, looking to old traditions that can be honored in new ways sometimes helps.

Eternity rings, which make wonderful anniversary gifts, are available in a number of setting styles that display and secure the gems in different ways according to the wearer's preferences. Some of the most popular types of eternity ring settings are the bar setting, channel setting, four prong setting, pave, micro pave, shared prong, and single prong.

Along with the diamond, the daffodil and the color blue are associated with the tenth anniversary, so a diamond and blue or yellow sapphire ring is an excellent, meaningful anniversary gift. When it comes to the five year, the gemstone connected with this anniversary is the sapphire, it's color is pink, and its flowers is the daisy. This gives you a lot of options in choosing the perfect piece of jewelry as blue, pink, or yellow sapphires alongside diamonds in a five stone or eternity ring would be an appropriate choice with a nod to these traditions.

Eternity bands are easy to care for when it comes to everyday upkeep-- most buildup caused by oil and dirt from skin, cosmetics, and one's environment can be removed by washing your eternity rings in warm water with liquid soap and a soft cloth. But if your jewelry seems to need a more thorough cleaning, take it to a jeweler where it will be professionally cleaned with methods that won't damage it.

Along with the classic all-diamond styles, eternity rings can also be found or created in a number of different metals and precious stone combinations, so if your dream ring has princess cut blue sapphires alternating with diamonds in a rose gold channel setting, this once difficult request can likely be met through an online retailer.

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