Thursday, January 26, 2012

Distinctive & Timeless Wedding Bands for Grooms: Choices for Your Special Day

By Caroline Dorian

All in all, men now have a vast selection of metals and styles to choose from that will reflect their lifestyle and personality! In the past when thinking of mens wedding bands, most people didn't consider design options beyond a plain domed or flat gold band, and many jewelers' selections didn't offer more variety than these basic styles either. Luckily, the mens wedding rings market of today features a much broader selection in general, and online retailers in particular showcase some of the most elegant and attractive weddings rings for men anywhere.

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest and most beautiful day of your life, and the beauty and originality of tricolor and two tone wedding bands in a number of styles have won over many a future bride, groom, or couple in search of the perfect wedding ring. Handmade tricolor and two tone wedding rings have a very distinctive look, and the use of multiple color scheme in designing these rings holds limitless possibilities.

Some of the most popular and widely sold styles of two tone and tricolor mens wedding bands just simple variations on some classic designs, with the added feature of a contrasting metal color as a border, center, inlay, or accent.

Celtic knot wedding rings in gold or platinum made by artisans in a tradition that dates back millennia and are still known today for their fine design and amazing crafting of exquisite jewelry are a wonderful choice. These rings quickly become a treasure to people who own them, are known for their uniqueness, beauty and symbolism. Mens Celtic rings feature beautiful traditional knotwork and Irish folk and are among the oldest forms of a special type of jewelry that denoted one's tribal, family, and trade affiliation.

Custom made engagement and wedding bands using your own gems or diamonds and gem stones the jeweler finds per your request are the go-to option right now. Even online retailers often provide great results in designing two tone diamond wedding bands for your special day, so if you don't see the ring you've been dreaming of among a shop's inventory, it never hurts to ask about custom orders!

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