Monday, January 23, 2012

Lovely Eternity Engagement Rings for Everyone

By Rebecca Lilly

Eternity bands are sometimes difficult to make, as they are most often sold by total carat weight and thus limited to an exact stone size to form the right size circle for each different wearer's finger. Diamonds are forever, as the saying goes, and when this sentiment meets the symbolism of eternal love embodied by the wedding ring, eternity bands are the stunning result.

Maintenance of your eternity ring should be handled with extreme care-never attempt to secure, remove, or replace stones yourself, or clean your ring with harsh chemical solutions. All service that may affect the structural integrity of your eternity setting should be done by a professional jeweler-preferably someone on the staff of the retailer from which the ring was purchased. Likewise, if your ring requires a thorough cleaning it's best to take it to a professional, but to remove light buildup and restore shine between professional cleanings, it's safe to wash your eternity ring with liquid soap and a soft cloth.

Because eternity bands have to measure a specific carat weight and be available in different sizes, the diamonds that are chosen must add up to the right total carat weight, be uniformly sized, and all qualify for the desired color and clarity grades. This can be challenging depending on the number of diamonds needed to form the eternity band of that particular size.

Eternity rings have become extremely popular for both their beauty and their symbolism, and as well as finding a place in fashion jewelry, they've become some of the most desired modern wedding bands. Caring for eternity rings can be done at home to a degree-- most jewelry benefits from a simple soap and water rinse now and then, but to remove heavy dirt and oil buildup or tarnish, you should take your eternity rings to a jeweler for safe, proper maintenance.

If diamonds aren't your style, or you like them but want a bit more color in your eternity bands, you won't be left out! Many jewelers now stock and custom make eternity rings with rubies, emeralds, black diamonds, and blue, yellow, or pink sapphires.

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