Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mother of the Bride Speech Tips.

By Bev Langford

Historically at most weddings it is expected that one or two people will give a speech. Sometimes, it's the father of the bride, the best man and the groom.

However, lately there's been a new addition to the formal speeches, the women in the wedding party are also now anticipated to share a few words.

The mother of the bride speech has been becoming increasingly popular in more contemporary weddings. The bride and the maid of honor are also called upon to share their thoughts of this very special occassion with the wedding guests.

For the mother of the bride, this speech can be one of the most difficult to make. You have spent an entire life with your daughter and you know all of the details, all of the embarrassing stories, all of the happy times and the bad.

So how does one pick a mother's speech that's going to be acceptable, and not on your daughter's list of secret subjects? Here are one or two ideas that are almost always safe.

When you are writing your mother of the bride speech, think about moments that are among the most happy times in her life. Like the time when your little girl met her husband.

If that isn't something that you want to tell from your perspective, than highlight some of the good points. Share what you felt about the groom when you first met him, any awkward though not embarrassing moments the 3 of you may have shared, or even even better how you knew he was the best one for her.

A general sum up of all your daughters happy milestones are excellent for your speech too. Touch on when she first learned to ride a bike, when she graduated from high school and then university, when she had her first boyfriend, learning how to drive, and other happy moments.

Remeber for the sake of your daughter, leave the naked tub photographs at home! She won't appreciate you for that! If your daughter was always a daddy's little girl, those are the type of stories that are perfect for a speech.

Regardless of what you choose to talk about, there are only a few things to always remember when you are thinking about the ideal topic:

- Make it something light and entertaining. People are there to eat, drink and be merry, and although you may want to remember those that cannot be present, just mention it, thats is enough.
- Don't touch on subjects that are humiliating or that you may regret once your daughter gets back from the honeymoon.
- Keep on a positive note when speaking about the groom. You do not need to be the topic of their first argument as man and wife.

It is applicable for the mother of the bride speech to touch on what marriage is in general like, targeting the good points, and on the seriousness of the connection between man and wife.

You can say the importance of the commitment and the issues the couple might face in their shared future. This short information should be inspiring to the newly weds and target the joy of having a life partner to share the good times and the bad.

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