Monday, January 16, 2012

A Passing Look At North American Winter Clothing

By Robert Ford

Canada Goose, a renowned manufacturer of top-quality winter wear inside the world, has its manufacturing unit in Canada. The Expedition Vostok Parka is 1 of its items that was developed to combat the frightful cold climate of Antarctica. Every single year, the National Science Foundation sends some of its scientists to work at the investigation station at Antarctica's Vostok Lake, from which this parka derived its name.

Scientists brave the extreme climate of Antarctica in order to conduct further study particularly on the Vostok ice cores. The Vostok Expedition Parka was named so as it is utilized yearly by these visiting scientists to endure the extreme cold.

The Expedition Vostok parka is developed to protect the wearer in extreme climate and however the style of the parka gives several features while sustaining minimal weight. The parka gets its insulation as it really is filled with premium goose down.

The Canada Goose Expedition Vostok also protects against the components as it really is made with a waterproof breathable fabric that also acts as a barrier towards the wind. The nylon lining on the interior is also cost-free hanging providing a comfy fit. The Expedition Vostok also consists of 4 pockets with Velcro flaps also as two fleece lined side lower pockets.

The parka also consists of an adjustable with removable coyote fur too as an elasticized nylon snow skirt. The style of the parka permits not merely for protection from the elements but is also effortlessly cared for as the Expedition Vostok is machine washable.

The Expedition Vostok also provides a lot of exclusive functions for the customer. The parka consists of two side entry hand warmers at the same time as cuffs that reach the thumbs for added warmth. The style of the parka also consists of a draw cord at the waist as well as the hood. The cuffs also are constructed of heavy duty nylon to protect against the elements.

The back of the parka has a patch symbolizing that it really is a product of Canada Goose, and this label is also identified on the new pocket style on the inner side. The Expedition Vostok comes in many sizes, with a lot of models meant for the large-built individuals. It also comes in an appealing range of colors namely, navy, red and black.

Using the Expedition Vostok parka on, people can stay active even in severe chillness. On account of this, the Expedition Vostok model is popular among scientists, air crew personnel as well as the navy crew. The parka provides adequate comfort, and permits the wearer to move freely. It retains the needed warmth for the physique and regardless of its features, it truly is light in weight.

The construction technique of the parka is so effective that it provides protection in sub-zero temperatures, which could possibly be as low as -500C. Further, the design structure allows the wearer to relax with some entertainment by securing PDA's, CD players, iPods, and so on. within the inside pockets, exclusively developed for the purpose.

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