Monday, January 23, 2012

Saving Money on Your Wedding

By Derek Smith

One of the best things to avoid for young married couples is to get into financial debts immediately after getting married. While every bride dreams of having a lavish wedding, the truth is that the same wedding can be done for several thousand dollars cheaper if the couple follows some easy tips.

Personal Touch: Adding your own style and touch to your wedding is something that can go a long way in saving money on your wedding. Knowing a friend or family member that tinkers in photography or is a disc jockey can be an easy way to save several hundred dollars on your wedding. Also any type of artistic friend can help you save money on invitations and flower displays.

Don't Buy Items: Many items in a wedding are never used again. From the centerpieces at your table to the bride's dress, the wedding rental business has become a huge part of modern day weddings. Look online or talk to your local bridal shops for ideas on things you can rent for your wedding.

Cater to Kids: More and more people bring their children to weddings these days. Setting up a special area for kids and serving kid friendly food is not only a great idea, but an easy way to save money on the reception.

Families: During the wedding rites, if possible, you may alter some of the practices to include the children of the bride or groom from previous marriage or the parents and families of the couple. Having them perform a special union rite will signify that the wedding is not just a union of two people but also of two families.

Catering: Saving money on catering is one of the most best ways to trim the wedding budget. One great way to save tons of money is to get an alternative to a traditional catering business. Hiring family members or contacting a local culinary school for chefs may be a cheap way to save money on the wedding.

Wedding Music: Disc Jockeying is usually a young man's business. Instead of hiring a high priced disc jockey, search the internet for some new disc jockeys who are willing to work for cheap. Many times you can barter with these disc jockeys and offer food and open bar to them as part of their payment for their service.

Decorating: Buying used decorations or creating your own decorations are two easy ways to save money on your wedding. Everyone has an artistic friend and these are perfect people to help you decorate your wedding. Make sure to shop around for cheap prices on materials and other decorating items.

Planning the wedding of your dreams should not put your in financial distress. With proper planning and coordination it is possible to have a great wedding at a very cheap price. Use these tips to plan your wedding, while saving thousands of dollars.

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