Monday, January 30, 2012

Suzanne Neville Wedding Dresses, Uncompromising Quality, Outstanding Designs

By John Jones

Need a wedding dress fast? Here are three easy wedding dress fitting secrets that most dress shops will not tell you about!

Suzanne Neville has become famous for designing unique short bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns that are both fashion-forward and elegant. There is a definite WOW quality to each of her creations that consumers understand. Her designs have been in high demand for almost all special occasions. Suzanne neville wedding dresses, gowns and high-end fashions have been requested for red carpet events, television shows and socialite weddings.

So, you have decided on your favoriteshort bridesmaid dresses design, length and color. And perhaps you have decided on the bodice style and detailing, and may even have decided on that timeless, backless Greek Goddess creation or that sexy, strapless corset style bodice.Is a corset style bodice, strapless or no your only choice?

No. Definitely not. Why not show off another one of your best features? You could chose a chic and flowing dress that is essentially backless, that has slim straps that selectively criss-cross and perfectly molds your gown to your form and still gives a long beautiful glimpse of your skin.If any of these options are not sufficient for you, please - go ahead take the option of having your gown custom made to fit.Alternately, chose a wedding dress and have it professionally tailored to fit. I shouldn't need to remind you but as with any adjustments, get testimonials of satisfied customers before you hire a tailor or seamstress.

Whether the autumn brings you brisk and windy days or the warmth of an Indian summer, weddings in this season conjure images of turning leaves and glorious sunsets. Autumn brides can opt for rich colours in copper, claret, indigo and russet for their custom made wedding dresses. For outdoor celebrations, flowers are still abundant - lilies, asters, roses, and sunflowers are all wonderful choices for bouquets or floral arrangements.

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