Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Best Original & Outstanding Proposal Tips

By Bettina Walker

Here are some fun marriage proposal ideas!: One of the most exciting ways to propose would be to have the question pop in during a radio or television show that your girlfriend is particularly fond of. Arrange with the studio beforehand to announce your proposal at a strategic time like just before the announcement of winners at the show. However be sure to casually ask your girlfriend if she is going to catch tonight's show since you don't want her to miss the proposal after you have gone through all the trouble of fixing it. Most importantly, arrange to be present with her when the question comes so that you can witness that priceless look of amazement and love on her face.

Skywriting is undoubtedly one of most fantastic ways of proposing to your girlfriend. The difficulty in getting a trained pilot makes it rare and therefore all the more exciting. But best of all, you can announce your love for your girlfriend before the whole world and if this does not get a yes from her, nothing will.

Singing - Now if you can't sing, this may not be one of the best ways to propose, but if you have a good singing voice, you may want to sing your proposal to the woman you love. It's even better if you can play an instrument like a piano or a guitar. You could write a song for her and then propose to her in this way. She is sure to be thrilled.

Arrange with the classifieds section of the paper to put in an advertisement on the special day. Make sure that the ad is not put away in a small corner of the personals column but displayed more or less prominently even if this may cost you a buck.

Just make sure nothing important like a board meeting or stock-taking is scheduled for that day. And once the flowers reach her office and lead to oohs and aahs from admiring co-workers, pop in and propose to your beloved with the whole floor watching. And you can be certain that your girlfriend will forget about the flowers for just a moment.

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