Monday, February 13, 2012

Cookie Johnson Jeans - The Curves

By Virginia C. Rankin

Not numerous pieces of denim have the possible to transform or adjust the life of a woman. But if 1 goes by what Cookie Johnson claims, her brand of jeans does have that potential. Several females claim the fit and comfort that CJ jeans supply is one thing unprecedented and not comparable to other brand of women jeans.

Cookie Johnson started her line of denims in 2009. Cookie Johnson is the wife of the famous basketball player Magic Johnson and also was married to Michael Glasser, the famous guru of denims and related clothing. CJ jeans are unique in their designs and they are specially made to fit women who have sizes between 2 and 18, and who have very full bottoms, thighs, and hips.

The jeans are created keeping the working woman in thoughts. CJ jeans are for all those women that are not able to fit in to the conventional jean as a result of their larger thighs and fuller bottoms. Most of these women typically wind up wearing stitched jeans or some thing which does not fit and look like a jean. Cookie Johnson jeans have always been extremely sought following by Afro-American women and when the denims had been introduced inside the Oprah Winfrey Show, the sales in the jeans skyrocketed and there was almost no looking back for the brand at that point of time. Oprah being a very well-liked Television personality had an indirect function within the elevated sales from the denim.

CJ jeans was truly carrying out fairly nicely even before it appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. Nonetheless, when Oprah mentioned that she really liked the jeans, her fans believed in her and started purchasing the jeans. Johnson stated that she realized how effective and real the word of Oprah is. The sales went up so high that one of the CJ shops in Chicago went out of stock on a specific day. The stock out was not due to improper planning on CJ's portion however it was something which was in no way expected to happen. Nonetheless, items have altered now and nearly all CJ denim retailers in America are well-equipped to tackle such situations.

The denim sales might have gone up due to Oprah's unofficial endorsements but more people started buying the jean because they really loved it. It was not only the brand value associated with the jean that made people buy the denim, but it was also due to the comfort and convenience that it gave to the people who wore it. CJ jeans were so flexible with its designs that even some of the most oddly shaped women were able to fit into the jean. CJ jeans are so popular that it even managed to make a profit during the subprime crisis. CJ currently has now more than 400 specialty stores all over America.

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