Monday, February 6, 2012

Gift Basket Ideas

By Timothy R. Longwell

Many stores sell pre-made gift baskets with a good selection of fresh produce or flowers, but they usually also sell the baskets, so you can make a gift basket yourself if you want to. But what would you put in your DIY gift basket? Here are a few ideas.

One of the best things to put in a gift basket is fruit - it's sweet, it's not too expensive, it's a treat (especially if you get exotic fruits), and it somehow feels like it belongs in a basket, especially a wooden one. You can even keep the fruit in the basket until you eat it, and it makes a nice ornamental alternative to a fruit bowl.

For children, a basket full of pick 'n' mix sweets could be a real hit, especially if you know what their favourites are. This works especially well if you have quite a lot of children or you have relatives that do, as it can be a special present for all of them and they can share the sweets out between themselves.

Flowers are another great thing to put in a gift basket, especially ones you've grown and picked yourself, or found in the wild - it's much more personal that going to a florist, and often prettier too.

IF he is a music lover you can choose from a wide variety of music CD's ranging from pop, jazz, classical, movie songs or you can even go for CD's that release stress or meditation. For movie lovers, you can collect a set of DVD's or video CD's of his favorite movies.

If your father is a gadget lover you can gift him with latest gadgets such as mobile phones, ipods, electronic diary, calling cards, mobile phone covers etc. If your father is still working, you can either gift him an official leather bag or a designer pen.

The fourth thing to do is ask the seller a question... any question. In addition to getting an answer to any valid questions you may have, the real point here is to see how responsive they are. Many times (especially in my line of cartoons), communication is key and requires a few emails back and forth. Having someone who is quick to answer a question and available to address your concerns is very important in gift personalization.

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