Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Google Search, Plus Your World

By Michal Henderson

Google Search Plus Your World is the hottest from Google which was formally out January 10th 2012. In addition to standard Search search results using Google Search, you can at the moment search for results pertinent to you, to your circle of contacts if you do the Search while signed in to your Google+ account. For instance, you looked up for Cooking Class For Children, if you are signed in to your Google+ account then in addition to default Search results, it would show cooking class which your friend recommends, baking class pictures if your friend happens to have shared such, or your friend's remark about a cooking class.

Why Google Search, plus Your World? Google says this is similar to real life situation when most of us would solicit from friends and friends of friends about any information we need. Thus, results on Google now have a second tier, the default results and the results which are personally significant to you as a searcher.

Does Google Search, Plus Your World Impact SEO By Any Means?

Might Google Search, plus Your World render site optimisation extinct? Google Search allows onsite optimisation where websites with lots of backlinks have the advantage of landing on the first page of the results. But with the results now made personalised for those logged in to Google+, how can optimisation work? Should site owners create Google+ accounts and begin populating these with their circle of friends so the website still comes out even for personal search results?

An initial experiment made by an SEO specialist seemed to show advantage for websites which are geared for ranking on the standard Search in addition to on Google Search, plus Your World. When he placed a search keyword, his web page did not come out on the front page of the default Search but appeared on the front of Search, plus Your World. The significant thing to note is that standard results appear on the standard Search and likewise on Search, plus Your World and more often than not on top of the personal results.

Is SEO Social Networking Driven Now?

Even Googlers initially questioned Larry Page for deciding to go for the social networking platform, nevertheless there is no doubt Google+ is spreading drastically like grassfire. And when Google creates the change, it is wise to take heed. After all, it is the largest search engine and you would want your website to be found in Google Search, and certainly, Search plus Your World also.

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