Friday, February 10, 2012

How Do I Get a Web Designer Job?

By Peter Lawlor

The best way to get a web designer job of your dreams is to look at the title of an advertised position. If it has the word 'web' in it, it is a good sign and chances are it is the kind of position that is worth applying for. However, it is important to not get too hung up on job titles, as not all positions are advertised necessarily as webmasters or web designers. Other related titles, such as information architect, digital developer, product or program manager, etc. are also relevant and worth the time to apply for.

There are many job related websites that may be consulted for prospective positions and it is also useful to check newspapers and notice boards for any openings.

Another way to get a web designer job is to work as a freelance web designer where you develop web sites for other people and companies on a freelance basis. This has the advantage of being your own boss. Working within a company has the advantage of set salary and other benefits which, when working as a freelance web designer, are not as predictable and might prove to be more stressful.

Working as a freelance designer your range of expertise will be more varied as you work with different clients. Working in an employed position in a company might limit your expertise to that design work for that company. The pros and cons of each option should be very carefully considered.

As far as recommended expertise is concerned, there are a few aspects that you would have to be well versed in, in order to be considered for a web design position. Firstly, basic and advanced HTML tags and what they do in order to enable you to fix problems that may arise is essential. Furthermore, you should be able to use good graphics programs and should be very confident in your ability to put a graphic design together.

Your skills in basic and advanced design and layout principles must be of professional standard and also the ability to write properly is important. If you have problems with grammar and spelling, be sure to use the spell check so as to ensure an excellent quality finished product.

How you get a web designer job is entirely dependent on your perseverance and motivation. The confidence you have in yourself and your abilities to perform the required design tasks will shine through in an interview, and thus it is quite necessary for you to love what you do but to also have the necessary skills.

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