Monday, February 6, 2012

How to choose the correct website design company for you and your business

By James Galloway

Think it is easy to choose the correct website design company for you and your business? Well it should be easy right, but all too often you get wrapped up with looking for the cheapest one. This is not the way to find the correct website design company, and more often than not you end up paying all over again at a later date. Your first line of focus should be on the designers portfolio, history, testimonials, and of course where they are positioned within Google search results.

Another problem which can hinder you from successfully getting the correct website design company is trying to find one who creates awesome looking flashy sites, but with little else to offer. It is ok that you feel you want to stand out on the web, but a flashy site is not going to mean you have the correct company.

You need to start at the beginning and think to yourself what is it that you actually want. I know you are looking for a website designer but what it is you really want is to use the internet to advertise, sell, and increase profits. Well a cheap flashy looking site with all the bells and whistles is not for you. You really need a website design company that goes beyond this and actually focuses on the results you are after. It is not your fault that you pursue a great looking site for as least money as possible. It is human nature and consumers spending habits.

I know it is easy to look to the flashiest site for your business but trust me, this is not the solution. Focus on building your sales and profits and this will help you find the right website design company for you and your business.

You really need to focus on finding a company or individual who really understand the Internet and how it works. Consumer buying habits, social media, industry research, psychology in sales, the search engines and ongoing changes. It is important to focus on long term results and the ability to utilize new technology as and when.

A decent investment is the way to go. You must understand that you are paying towards something that if done correctly can skyrocket you above your competition.

Its after all of the above you can start looking at the design quality. It is still important to have a neat clear design which is laid out correctly to leverage that call to action and psychology in sales.

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