Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Make This An Anniversary to Treasure: Finding the 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts Surprise

By Melissa Vidalia

Getting engaged is such a joyous time. Telling your parents, telling your friends, looking into wedding halls, perhaps even looking into property to buy. And of course, more than anything, deciding to share the rest of your life together in the most formal way there is. It's all very exciting. But the part that comes before that can be rather excruciating. How do you find the perfect engagement ring? In this day and age, most people have one answer to this question: diamond engagement ring is the only way to go.

The answer to this question isn't always as easy as it might seem. There are multiple factors to consider when picking out an engagement ring. The three key factors to keep in mind when shopping for the ring are the typical prices of engagement rings, how much money can actually be spent on the engagement ring, and the style of the engagement ring. No one factor is more important than the other, instead they play on one another to the point where it's important to address each factor equally. So, how much do engagement rings usually cost?

Unique, non-diamond engagement rings are very easy to find. One alternative is the gemstone engagement ring. Because there are so many diverse kinds of gemstones, you can choose whatever stone you would be fond of. Some of the most well-liked stones are emeralds, sapphires and rubies. In addition, this kind of engagement ring can be more personal as you can select a stone that has special meaning to you or partner, such as a birthstone or the stone of the month you intend to marry in or a stone based upon its meaning, such as rubies because they are the symbol of love.

Non diamond engagement rings are often classy and feminine, like pink pearl engagement rings. Engagement rings are a matter of taste, but beyond the shadow of a doubt your partner will absolutely adore any pearl engagement ring. Pearls are very special jewels, since they form inside a living creature, either an oyster or mollusk. When these try to protect themselves, in the process they create beautiful pearls. Another reason why pearl engagement ring may be the perfect solution is that the bride's bridal jewelry is likely to be pearl jewelry. This kind of jewelry has become perhaps the most popular kind of bridal jewelry. Pearls are beautiful yet classy, elegant yet understated. Why get a gaudy flashy diamond engagement ring when you can go for something so much more unique?

If you haven't told your partner's mother that you're going to pop the question, you may want to consider doing so. I understand if you want this to be a surprise, but telling the girl's mom or sister may have a few advantages. For one, they can give you great proposal ideas. Your partner may have discussed it with them and they happen to know how she would like to be proposed to. Another reason why it may be worth your while to tell the mother is that she may have a ring to give you. Oftentimes, women pass down engagement rings within the family, and these go on to be heirloom engagement rings, which often have much greater value than any pearl and diamond ring. You should also consider telling your own mother about your imminent plans, because all of the above may apply as well.

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