Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pop Culture Humor Reflected In Funny T-Shirts

By Peter Mills

If your friends are anything like my friends, then there has surely been several instances where you all see something, or watch the same movie, and begin using a phrase from the movie over and over again when talking to each other. Think back to how many times you said "Yeah, baby!" after Austin Powers came out. It may seem dated or hokey now, but everyone does it. There's always that next big thing, and funny t-shirts are always there to capitalize on it now.

Not too long in the past, companies would have to wait until a joke was being slowly choked to death before putting out a funny t-shirt to compliment it. The process behind funny t-shirts required a bit of time to take a shirt from design to sales floor, and a catchy phrase was likely to be over with before the sales of a shirt could really kick in. Now, none of that is important because a shirt can be created and then sold on the very same day now.

Anything is up for grabs in the realm of funny t-shirts. A funny t-shirt can be made out of almost any pop culture topic as long as it is current, funny, and popular. There have been many, many t-shirts made from the most quoted lines of cinema. Almost as many funny t-shirts have been created from the controversial actions that many stars have done while off the movie or television set. The Internet has almost pointed a finger at Hollywood and said, "Watch what you do....because we are merciless and many."

Laughter is one of the most intense shared experiences two people can share. That may seem like an overstatement, but I swear that it is true. Friendships have been forged instantly over a shared laugh, and many people have a large number of friends simply because they can get a laugh out of people. This is the same warm feeling that the funny t-shirt industry takes advantage of.

When you and your friends are choking back laughter over something that has popped up in the world of popular culture, earmark that shared experience as something special. The next time after that you get on the Internet, go and take a look through the thousands and thousands of funny t-shirts and you will find many that already exist about the very same thing you and your friends found so funny. Now imagine how giddy they'll be when you show up wearing a funny t-shirt about it.

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