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Possibly The Very Best Fashion Photography In The World - Part 2

By Dan Feildman

The pursuing 3 days were all regarding shooting! Bruce's stylist, Alevtina from Russia, their self a former model and Make Up Designer Ana from Romania, took care of Sundal, our own model for the day. On the initial day of shooting, we all shot each 'look' inside a different portion of the house using only available light, with our class colleagues helping out with reflectors. The day challenged a number of assumptions I could have created about whether there was 'not enough light'! When you are at a 60th at f2.8 and the gauge is still suggesting that you're gonna be underexposed, Bruce's answer is to be able to 'make' some light! Catching some window light on the ground with a huge reflector and then selecting that light track of another reflector and bouncing it back onto the scene had been as simple as it absolutely was ingenious. Little techniques such as this, allied to Bruce's unique style of shooting enlightened and entertained just about all the delegates upon the course.

The following day was cloudy and saw all of us bouncing light from your variety of studio flash heads all over the amazing principal hall of Hampton Court Residence, in most cases, all over the place except entirely on the model. Again, the emphasis was a little more about supplementing accessible light to create the necessary ambience. The model Kate went through four different looks, each gelling with the magnificence and elegance of the area.

On the last day of shooting, the model was Lois and our stylist was Angel, while Ana stayed on hand for hair and make up. We shot three very different and special looks in two different parts of the house. As just before, Bruce started each and every session with a demonstration shoot, enabling the team members to see just how Lois responded to Bruce's course. Each assign then acquired their session, aided by a friend from the course whether along with reflectors or just moving a lens or new CF card.

After three days of shooting, three different models and four looks per day, the team had a lot of images to sub edit. On the last day, every person got caught into their enhancing to create their own layouts for every look. This kind of meant making a left hand page, a right hand page and a double page spread before doing any specific editing to be able to the actual photos themselves. Bruce then showed a number of editing strategies which leaned greatly on the sort of things that would certainly enhance the photographers portfolio images need to he or she wish to show their own book within the publishing world.

What have been the key parts?

The training course was a excellent opportunity to shoot fashion within an amazing area with someone who after 3 decades in his field, still maintains a passion and passion for what he does and sharing it with others. The training course delegates had been great business and diverse inside their backgrounds and passions which meant that we were in a position to learn from one another. Even though each and every set had been the same, no person produced the same picture!

Exactly what were the primary things you realized from the training course?

Light is what you're making it!

Can you say the training course will have a great return on your investment?

Having done this course, I would have no anxieties regarding putting a team together, choosing the right location and getting the photographs I want with regard to my customer...I just need to locate the clients who would like that level of enter! I'm sure they're available!!

Was there anything extra you would have liked the program to cover?

There is so much to soak up as well as making sure you made your best of the time in the area and with the models, I think that anything more is perfect for another course.

How will it change your business with regard to the future?

I'm looking to set up the studio this summer and portraits with a 'fashion' edge for them is definitely a thing that is going to be upon the menu!

Would you suggest it along with other photographers?... Absolutely!

Thanks Drew for looking at Bruce's Location Fashion Master School! Sounds like an remarkable fashion photography course, and a few really awesome video tutorials at the Bruce Smith web-site.

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