Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tungsten Bands Are Trendy and Popular

By Jess Beach

People choose to wear tungsten rings for their strength, durability and long lasting finish. Tungsten rings are luxurious, dependable and classy. Tungsten carbide rings easily outlast silver, gold and even titanium jewelry, keeping their spotless shine for a lifetime. They are also virtually maintenance free due to their extreme hardness and long lasting polish.

Many jewelers would like to dissuade you from considering a tungsten carbide ring, because they are not educated on them (or just don\'t sell them!). Here are a few of the myths we hear regularly and the truths about tungsten carbide rings that make them an excellent option as you shop for a ring!

Tungsten carbide Rings are not made of pure tungsten ore. Instead, the tungsten ore is mixed with various binders (materials) - such as nickel and sinter - at high temperatures to create a ceramic (tungsten carbide). Not every tungsten ring advertised is tungsten carbide. There are manufacturers making rings out of tungsten alloy, a soft, non-sintered metal that is easier to process and manufacture. These alloys lack the hardness needed to create a highly polished and scratch-resistant surface.

There are many misconceptions and falsehoods about tungsten rings. Learn the truth about these durable, beautiful bands. As makers of tungsten rings, we hear a lot of misconceptions about these rings every day. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of falsehoods about tungsten carbide rings. Since they\'re newer to the market, many people are unfamiliar with tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide hardness has an assuring long lasting beauty.

Tungsten Carbide is a pretty amazing material. It is well known for its density and durability, and is used for many industrial applications - as well as for rings. Its rare and unique qualities is what allows it to be the perfect durable, beautiful substitute for gold, platinum and silver in jewelry.

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