Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wardrobe Must Have Edwin Jeans From Japan

By Matt Bates

In 1947 the Tsunemi family began their denim business creating their own cloth manufacturing and dyeing process. But discontented with the quality the company looked to the US to learn more about the manufacturing process while simultaneously drawing on Japan's long history with indigo dye. By the 1960s they had perfected the process and Edwin Jeans was becoming well known in Japan and abroad.

The label makes use of high quality materials and produces the kind of jeans and garments that are able to appeal to a wide range of men and women with varying heights and body shapes. Edwin is actually a kind of anagram of "denim", but with the "M" turned upside down to become a "W". To this day the business is run by the Tsunemi family that started it several decades ago.

Throughout its history, the company has been at the forefront of manufacturing technology. This is particularly true in regard to its dyeing techniques. The company takes on Japan's long history of working with indigo blue dyes to produce long lasting and color fast products. In the 1970s they were the first to introduce the "old wash" method and in the 1980s they created the "stone wash", which is one of the true fashion icons of its time.

These days the brand has expanded its operations from servicing purely the Japanese market, to worldwide recognition as one of the best brands of the garment available. In recent years their model and spokesperson has been Brad Pitt, who has helped to raise the profile of this brand and bring it to the attention of more fashion conscious people.

For a long time one of the brand's most popular product lines has been the 503s, which were released in 1997. There are plenty more styles released all the time and something for everyone to suit their size, style, preference and height. Men and women can find something that is going to be just right and become their favorite wardrobe item.

Each line produced is tested in a heavy duty way to check for quality stitching, materials, cut and dyeing. The label draws on the long Japanese tradition of working with indigo dyeing to ensure that the jeans keep their color and when they eventually do fade that it is in a consistent and uniform manner that adds to the appeal of these jeans.

If you want a pair of jeans that will become like your best friend - here for the long haul, reliable and comfortable, then you should get yourself a pair of Edwin Jeans. Although of the highest quality, they are amazingly affordable and hard to be beaten for the price to quality ratio.

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