Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Buy a Mackintosh Coat?

By Amy Richards

The Mackintosh coat was invented by Charles Macintosh, the Scottish chemist in the early 1800's.

Soon after, Charles introduced a revolutionary way of producing watertight attire by using liquified rubber in coal tar naphtha to join the two pieces of garment together.

With the discovery of vulcanised rubber in 1839, variations were made in their wet weather gear and a new rubber fabric was made use of, which was designed to handle alterations in temperature.

Since then, the company has been experimenting with various fabrics and variations to supply the best rainwear.

Mackintosh has become a desirable name in the market of rainwear. This luxury make focusses on quality and design of rain wear coats.

The Mackintosh Coat comes in distinct types and fabrics and the whole range of products consists of straightforward and classy coats, to the more in vogue coats for the young age group.

These coats are accessible in numerous hues and one can customize the lining, buttons and collar of the jacket. Every design is nonetheless hand-made by the skilled and expert members of the company.

Their entire range of coats is accessible for gents, women as well as kids.

2 standard collections are the Duncan (for both gents and ladies) and Douglas (only for men) are offered for sale on the Mackintosh website.

Traditional, uncomplicated Mackintosh coats cost around $400-600 while the more fashionable ones which go for around the $500-700.

You can get a bespoke coat at 'Bespoke lounge' in London at approximately $1000.

Although they may have a high ticket price, people today are prepared to invest on Mackintosh coats due to their history, quality and durability. Other brands of rainwear collections like Burberry and DAKS lack the originality and uniqueness in their offerings.

Added benefits of a Mackintosh coat:

* They are available in basic makes and fashion forward kinds.

* They are always produced from top quality fabrics.

* They are durable and hardy and will last a lifetime.

The collection of standard and in vogue stylish garments are timeless and obtaining this industry leading model is trendy and fashionable alone.

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