Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why Consider Our Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

By Henrietta Baw

Men's Tungsten Rings are more readily available than Women Tungsten Rings, therefore the styles are usually wider than Women's Wedding Rings. Black Tunsten Wedding Rings are a great choice for men and comes in a variety of customizable styles. It offers a unique, sleek and stylish look as well as being more durable than other precious metals, such as Gold. Black Tungsten provides a wonderful stylish versatility for men and even women.

The durability of tungsten carbide wedding rings are attracting modern couples to this miraculous material. Tungsten carbide is resistant to normal the normal wear and tear suffered in traditional wedding bands. Fifty years into your marriage, you can be sure that the tungsten band will look as good as it did the day you put it on your finger.

The tungsten carbide ring, commonly abbreviated as "tungsten ring" is perhaps the most modern choice one can make in picking the right jewelry for a cutting-edge contemporary wedding. A tungsten wedding ring is very hard and strong, scratch-resistant, and tarnish-proof, and they look great with a brushed or polished finish, laser etching, and all of the other distinctive tungsten carbide wedding band design accents and the related technology make possible.

While carbon inlays in tungsten rings come in a multitude of colors and styles the most demand lies in black and white carbon fiber inlays with beveled edge or domed bands. The contrast of the tungsten carbide metal with the carbon fiber leaves the jewelry with an elegance and uniqueness which can not be matched by softer metals. Tungsten rings are scratch proof will not bend or scratch. The style, durability and comfort available in carbon inlay tungsten rings are only limited by your imagination. Designs vary based upon the color choice of the carbon fiber inlay and the style of band one chooses.

Some additional benefits of our tungsten carbide rings is that they have a nice weighty feel. When you hold or wear a tungsten wedding band, you will get the immediate sense that it is a quality piece. All of our tungsten bands also include a comfort fit, which is sometimes also referred to as an ergonomic ring. This simply means that the tungsten wedding rings will fit more comfortably on your finger. The comfort fit is actually a 2mm dome on the inside of the tongsten rings, which is why we always recommend selecting a ring one half size smaller than your standard size when purchasing one of our tungston rings.

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