Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learn To Use The Passap

By Marjorie J McDonald

The Passap knitting machine, regardless of the kind you have is a superb advancement in the machine knitting world. The patterns and mixes of stitch patterns is intensive and all of the decisions are ones that at some specific point in your machine knitting career you wish to try. That is what makes this machine so much fun to use.

The Passap E 6000 knits precisely what you tell it to, wonderfully with the unique dialog computer which communicates with you. What is vital is that you learn to speak Passap so that you can communicate with the console. Since it is very accurate, there is a learning curve to get comfortable with the programming of the console so you get the precise result you would like.

The electronics on the knitting console asks you a collection of easy questions. They are not in the common sequence that we are used to and do not answer why or how so patience on your part is needed.

When you understand the step by step format of the console and the questions it asks, it'll get easier to learn the programming so you avoid the errors and accomplish the pattern and strategy input into the computer.

The PC shows the options and you decide if you need to accept them.

There is no point in wishing the manual was written more clearly. We have got to work with what we have and get used to the flow the way the console is set up and the sequence of the questions that are asked. Once you've achieved the awareness of the sequence, your knitting on the Passap will be far easier.

The learning process is a bit steep, but definitely attainable so I'd like to encourage you to stay with it till you get to the discovery moments and gain the confidence to grasp you can tackle this excellent machine.

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