Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rest Your Swatch After Knitting

By Marjorie J McDonald

You aren't alone. The swatch you knit for your gauge does better if it rests 24 hours. A bit longer than our bodies need, but none the less it is vital.

Some yarns are even more persnickety than others so learn about your yarns and keep notes. Not a lot more annoying than wanting to wear something new to your planned event tomorrow and discovering that your yarn isn't going to cooperate with you.

You are not fooling me, I know you are knitting something today for wearing tomorrow. That is just the creative side of us wanting to have something fun and new for those events that are coming up.

When I was younger staying up all night was not a problem for me but now a days I am not as pumped up about the night shift to have something to wear by morning, at least not as frequently as I used to do.

A bit of planning and I sometimes can get to my finish time very easily. As well as have the knit fit right.

Yarn study, yarn rest time and how to care for your new knits should be at the very top of your urgency list. Those yarns that do not fit into your wardrobe desires for events and care necessities need to find new homes so you stop fussing about having them in your yarn closet. Wishing they are different than they are won't make them change their spots (or characteristics).

Remember the yarn should be knit in the pattern you want to use for the final knit so you know precisely what you are getting ahead of time. That way any situations with the yarn will be discovered early on and not at the very last minute when you are walking out the door or simply ready to go out the door.

On occasion the yarns will fool us. I call those yarns sleeper yarns. I have had only a reduced amount of them over the time because I am actually tenacious in testing so if I ship I know my stores and their clients will be happy.

One particularly funny item was a dress that keep growing longer in the skirt over the day. Talk about wearing something to the office and then having a change of wardrobe for going out to dinner. It was actually the perfect example of one of those wardrobe changes without having to even change the dress. I was the only one who knew and I thought it was hilarious. Needless to say that yarn never made the production line.

I still have it in my wardrobe today and wear it when I need a change without needing to change garments. Over time I know precisely how long it will take to grow out my skirt. It's still just as funny today as it was all those years ago. I keep it because it makes me really laugh when I need a bit of laughing in my life.

I'm sure you have stories too! Let's keep on collecting them. The more stories you have the more glorious knit items you'll have coming off your knitting machines.

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